Mosgiel is nestled under Saddle Hill and has a population of over 10,000 people. Situated on the edge of the Taeri plain, it is about 10 minutes drive by car from the city of Dunedin via the Motorway.

The town celebrates its location, calling itself the "Pearl of the Plains". The name Mosgiel is taken from Mossgiel in Ayrshire, the farm of poet Robert Burns, uncle of the co-founder of the Otago Settlement, the Reverend Thomas Burns.

There is a great shopping centre in Mosgiel, many cafes to have lunch at and a variety of restaurants for dinner. Mosgiel offers a great selection of shopping, whether its clothing, homeware, hardware, gifts or gardening, Mosgiel has a large selection of popular retail stores to cater.

Mosgiel also has a large selection of churches, covering most major Christian denominations. Maranatha home is associated with the Open Brethren assemblies of New Zealand, but residents are free to attend any church or place of worship.


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